Revision History

Revision History

Documents will be ingested in batches which will be given a revision index. This provides a common language for describing complex validations on sets of documents.

Revisions can be thought of as commits in a linear git history, thus looking at a revision includes all content from previous revisions.

Revision Diffing

By maintaining a linear history of all the documents in each revision, Deckhand is able to diff different revisions together to report what has changed across revisions, allowing external services to determine whether the Deckhand configuration undergone any changes since the service last queried the Deckhand API.

The revision difference is calculated by comparing the overall difference across all the documents in the buckets associated with the two revisions that are diffed. For example, if a bucket shared between two revisions contains two documents, and between the first revision and the second revision, if only one of those two documents has been modified, the bucket itself is tagged as modified. For more information about revision diffing, please reference the Deckhand API Documentation.

Revision DeepDiffing

Revision DeepDiffing is an extended version of existing revision diff api. When any bucket state gets changed to modified, It shows deep difference between revisions. DeepDiffing resultset will consist of document_added, document_deleted and document_changed count and details. For more information about revision deepdiffing, please reference the Deckhand API Documentation.

Revision Rollback

As all the changes to documents are maintained via revisions, it is possible to rollback the latest revision in Deckhand to a prior revision. This behavior can be loosely compared to a git rebase in which it is possible to squash the latest revision in order to go back to the previous revision. This behavior is useful for undoing accidental changes and returning to a stable internal configuration.