Getting Started

What is Pegleg?

Pegleg is a document aggregator that aggregates all the documents in a repository and packs them into a single YAML file. This allows for operators to structure their site definitions in a maintainable directory layout, while providing them with the automation and tooling needed to aggregate, lint, and render those documents for deployment.

For more information on the documents that Pegleg works on see Document Fundamentals.

Basic Usage

Before using Pegleg, you must:

  1. Clone the Pegleg repository:

git clone
  1. Install Docker CE, as Pegleg relies on it for CLI execution.

3. Clone the repos containing your site definition libraries into the local filesystem where Pegleg is running, as Pegleg can only work with files available in the local directory.

You will then be able to use all of Pegleg’s features through the CLI. See CLI for more information.