Configuring Armada

Armada uses an INI-like standard oslo_config file. A sample file can be generated via tox

$ tox -e genconfig
$ tox -e genpolicy

Customize your configuration based on the information below

Keystone Integration

Armada requires a service account to use for validating API tokens


If you do not have a keystone already deploy, then armada can deploy a keystone services:

$ armada apply keystone-manifest.yaml

$ openstack domain create 'ucp'
$ openstack project create --domain 'ucp' 'service'
$ openstack user create --domain ucp --project service --project-domain 'ucp' --password armada armada
$ openstack role add --project-domain ucp --user-domain ucp --user armada --project service admin

# OR

$ ./tools/

The service account must then be included in the armada.conf

auth_type = password
auth_uri = https://<keystone-api>:5000/
auth_url = https://<keystone-api>:35357/
auth_version = 3
delay_auth_decision = true
password = armada
project_domain_name = ucp
project_name = service
user_domain_name = ucp
user_name = armada