Armada exposes metric data, for consumption by Prometheus.


Metric data can be exported via:

  • API: Prometheus exporter in the /metrics endpoint. The Armada chart includes the appropriate Prometheus scrape configurations for this endpoint.
  • CLI: –metrics-output=<path> of apply command. The node exporter text file collector can then be used to export the produced text files to Prometheus.

Metric Names

Metric names are as follows:

armada_ + <action> + _ + <metric>

Supported <action>s

The below tree of <action>s are measured. Supported prometheus labels are noted. Labels are inherited by sub-actions except as noted.

  • apply:
    • description: apply a manifest
    • labels: manifest
    • sub-actions:
      • chart_handle:
        • description: fully handle a chart (see below sub-actions)
        • labels:
          • chart
          • action (install|upgrade|noop) (not included in sub-actions)
        • sub-actions:
          • chart_download
          • chart_deploy
          • chart_test
      • chart_delete:
        • description: delete a chart (e.g. due to FAILED status)
        • labels: chart

Supported <metric>s

  • failure_total: total failed attempts
  • attempt_total: total attempts
  • attempt_inprogress: total attempts in progress
  • duration_seconds: duration of each attempt


The chart_handle and chart_test actions additionally include the following metrics:

  • timeout_duration_seconds: configured chart timeout duration in seconds
  • timeout_usage_ratio: = duration_seconds / timeout_duration_seconds

These can help identify charts whose timeouts may need to be changed to avoid potential failures or to acheive faster failures.

Chart concurrency

The chart_handle action additionally includes the following metric:

  • concurrency_count: count of charts being handled concurrently

This can help identify opportunities for greater chart concurrency.