Installing Drydock in a Dev Environment

Bootstrap Kubernetes

You can bootstrap your Helm-enabled Kubernetes cluster via the Openstack-Helm AIO or the Promenade tools.

Deploy Drydock and Dependencies

Drydock is most easily deployed using Armada to deploy the Drydock container into a Kubernetes cluster via Helm charts. The Drydock chart is in the charts/drydock directory. It depends on the deployments of the MaaS chart and the Keystone chart.

A integrated deployment of these charts can be accomplished using the Armada tool. An example integration chart can be found in the Airship in a Bottle repo in the ./manifests/dev_single_node directory.

Load Site

To use Drydock for site configuration, you must craft and load a site topology YAML. An example of this is in ./test/yaml_samples/deckhand_fullsite.yaml.

Documentation on building your topology document is at Authoring Site Topology.

Drydock requires that the YAML topology be hosted somewhere, either the preferred method of using Deckhand or through a simple HTTP server like Nginx or Apache.

Use the CLI to create tasks to deploy your site

# drydock task create -d <design_url> -a verify_site
# drydock task create -d <design_url> -a prepare_site
# drydock task create -d <design_url> -a prepare_nodes
# drydock task create -d <design_url> -a deploy_nodes

A demo of this process is available at