Deployment Guide


Shipyard is still under active development and this guide will evolve along the way


The current deployment makes use of the airship-in-a-bottle project to set up the underlaying Kubernetes infrastructure, container networking (Calico), disk provisioner (Ceph or NFS), and Airship components that are used by Shipyard.

The dev_minimal manifest is the recommended manifest. Please see the README.txt that exists in that manifest's directory.

This approach sets up an 'All-In-One' Airship environment that allows developers to bring up Shipyard and the rest of the Airship components on a single Ubuntu Virtual Machine.

The deployment is fully automated and can take a while to complete. It can take 30 minutes to an hour or more for a full deployment to complete.

Post Deployment

  1. The environment should include the following after executing the required steps:

    # sudo kubectl get pods -n ucp | grep -v Completed
    NAME                                   READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    airflow-scheduler-79754bfdd5-2wpxn     1/1       Running   0          4m
    airflow-web-7679866685-g99qm           1/1       Running   0          4m
    airflow-worker-0                       3/3       Running   0          4m
    airship-ucp-keystone-memcached-mem...  1/1       Running   0          31m
    airship-ucp-rabbitmq-rabbitmq-0        1/1       Running   0          35m
    armada-api-5488cbdb99-zjb8n            1/1       Running   0          12m
    barbican-api-5fc8f7d6f-s7h7j           1/1       Running   0          11m
    deckhand-api-7b476d6c46-qlvtm          1/1       Running   0          8m
    drydock-api-5f9fdc858d-lnxvj           1/1       Running   0          1m
    ingress-6cd5b89d5d-hzfzj               1/1       Running   0          35m
    ingress-error-pages-5c97bb46bb-zqqbx   1/1       Running   0          35m
    keystone-api-7657986b8c-6bf92          1/1       Running   0          31m
    maas-ingress-66447d7445-mgklj          2/2       Running   0          27m
    maas-ingress-errors-8686d56d98-vrjzg   1/1       Running   0          27m
    maas-rack-0                            1/1       Running   0          27m
    maas-region-0                          2/2       Running   0          27m
    mariadb-ingress-6c4f9c76f-lk9ff        1/1       Running   0          35m
    mariadb-ingress-6c4f9c76f-ns5kj        1/1       Running   0          35m
    mariadb-ingress-error-pages-5dd6fb...  1/1       Running   0          35m
    mariadb-server-0                       1/1       Running   0          35m
    postgresql-0                           1/1       Running   0          32m
    promenade-api-764b765d77-ffhv4         1/1       Running   0          7m
    shipyard-api-69888d9f68-8ljfk          1/1       Running   0          4m