Multiple Distro Support

This project builds images for Shipyard and Airflow components. Currently, it supports building images for ubuntu and opensuse ( leap 15.1 as base image).

By default, Ubuntu images are built and are published to public registry server. Recently support for publishing opensuse image has also been added.

If you need to build opensuse images locally, the following parameters can be passed to the make command in shipyard repository's root directory with images as target:

DISTRO: opensuse_15
DISTRO_BASE_IMAGE: "opensuse/leap:15.1"
DOCKER_REGISTRY: { your_docker_registry }
IMAGE_TAG: latest
IMAGE_NAME: airflow

Following is an example in command format to build and publish images locally. Command is run in shipyard repository's root directory.

DISTRO=opensuse_15 DOCKER_REGISTRY={ your_docker_registry } IMAGE_NAME=airflow IMAGE_TAG=latest PUSH_IMAGE=true make images

Following parameters need to be passed as environment/shell variable to make command:

parameter to identify distro specific Dockerfile, ubuntu_bionic (Default)
parameter to use different base image other than what's used in DISTRO specific Dockerfile (optional)
parameter to specify local/internal docker registry if need to publish image (optional), (Default)
tag to be used for image built, untagged (Default)
flag to indicate if images needs to be pushed to a docker registry, false (Default)

This work is done as per approved spec multi_distro_support. Currently only image building logic is enhanced to support multiple distro.

Adding New Distro Support

To add support for building images for a new distro, following steps can be followed.

  1. Shipyard uses images for shipyard and airflow. So to build images for those components, two Dockerfiles are required, one for each component.
  2. Add distro specific Dockerfile for each component which will have steps to include necessary packages and run environment configuration. Use existing Dockerfile as sample to identify needed packages and environment information.
  3. New dockerfile can be named as Dockefile.{DISTRO} where DISTRO is expected to be distro identifier which is passed to makefile.
  4. Respective dockerfile should be placed in {shipyard_root}/images/airflow and {shipyard_root}/images/shipyard
  5. Add check, gate, and post jobs for building, testing and publishing images. These entries need to be added in {shipyard_root}/.zuul.yaml file. Please refer to existing zuul file for better existing opensuse support.
  6. Add any relevant information to this document.