This repository is being deprecated. Project documentation has moved to the Airship Docs project, and Airship-in-a-Bottle environment will be merged into the Airship Treasuremap project.


These documents will be reworked to reflect the changes associated with becoming an OpenStack hosted project: Airship. Expect major changes to occur with time. See more at airshipit.org


Airship is a collection of components that coordinate to form a means of configuring, deploying and maintaining a Kubernetes environment using a declarative set of yaml documents. More details on using parts of Airship may be found by using the Treasuremap


Airship revolves around the setup and use of Kubernetes and Helm and takes cues from these projects. The first use case of Airship is the deployment of OpenStack-Helm which also influences Airship's direction.

Building this Documentation

Use of make docs will build a html version of this documentation that can be viewed using a browser at doc/build/index.html on the local filesystem.

Specification Details

Proposed, approved, and implemented specifications for Airship projects are available.