Armada - Apply


Usage: armada apply [OPTIONS] [LOCATIONS]...

  This command installs and updates charts defined in Armada manifest.

  The apply argument must be relative path to Armada Manifest. Executing
  apply command once will install all charts defined in manifest. Re-
  executing apply command will execute upgrade.

  To see how to create an Armada manifest:     https://airship-

  To install or upgrade charts, run:

          $ armada apply examples/simple.yaml

  To override a specific value in a Manifest, run:

          $ armada apply examples/simple.yaml --set manifest:simple-armada:release="wordpress"

  Or to override several values in a Manifest, reference a values.yaml-
  formatted file:

          $ armada apply examples/simple.yaml --values examples/simple-ovr-values.yaml

  --api                         Contacts service endpoint.
  --disable-update-post         Disable post-update Tiller operations.
  --disable-update-pre          Disable pre-update Tiller operations.
  --enable-chart-cleanup        Clean up unmanaged charts.
  --metrics-output TEXT         The output path for metric data
  --use-doc-ref                 Use armada manifest file reference.
  --set TEXT                    Use to override Armada Manifest values.
                                Accepts overrides that adhere to the format
                                <path>:<to>:<property>=<value> to specify a
                                primitive or
                                to specify a list of values.
  --tiller-host TEXT            Tiller host IP.
  --tiller-port INTEGER         Tiller host port.
  -tn, --tiller-namespace TEXT  Tiller namespace.
  --timeout INTEGER             Specifies time to wait for each chart to fully
                                finish deploying.
  -f, --values TEXT             Use to override multiple Armada Manifest
                                values by reading overrides from a
                                values.yaml-type file.
  --wait                        Force Tiller to wait until all charts are
                                deployed, rather than using each charts
                                specified wait policy. This is equivalent to
                                sequenced chartgroups.
  --target-manifest TEXT        The target manifest to run. Required for
                                specifying which manifest to run when multiple
                                are available.
  --bearer-token TEXT           User Bearer token
  --debug                       Enable debug logging.
  --help                        Show this message and exit.


The apply command will consume an armada manifest which contains group of charts that it will deploy into the tiller service in your Kubernetes cluster. Executing the armada apply again on existing armada deployment will start an update of the armada deployed charts.

armada apply armada-manifest.yaml [--debug]

If you remove armada/Charts/v1 from the armada/ChartGroups/v1 in the armada manifest and execute an armada apply with the --enable-chart-cleanup flag. Armada will remove undefined releases with the armada manifest’s release_prefix keyword.