Armada - Test


Usage: armada test [OPTIONS]

  This command test deployed charts

  The tiller command uses flags to obtain information from tiller services.
  The test command will run the release chart tests either via a
  manifest or by targeting a release.

  To obtain armada deployed releases:

      $ armada test --file examples/simple.yaml

  To test release:

      $ armada test --release blog-1

  --cleanup                     Delete test pods after test completion
  --enable-all                  Run disabled chart tests
  --file TEXT                   armada manifest
  --release TEXT                helm release
  --tiller-host TEXT            Tiller Host IP
  --tiller-port INTEGER         Tiller Host Port
  -tn, --tiller-namespace TEXT  Tiller Namespace
  --target-manifest TEXT        The target manifest to run. Required for
                                specifying which manifest to run when multiple
                                are available.
  --help                        Show this message and exit.


The test command will perform helm test defined on the release. Test command can test a single release or a manifest.